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Misunderstandingsmiscommunicationdifferent perspectives lead to ineffective processes. In SPLINT we believe that working on improving our abilities to communicate, listen and understand will ultimately produce better results all round. 


Organizational Culture, Service staging, situation training,

Role play, Storytelling, Forum theatre,

Improvisation, Experience design, Hidden influencers.

HOW we help you

We design and run experiential learning based workshops based on the most relevant research available. All change related to organisational culture fundamentally occurs on a relationship level. By dramatising the dynamics and challenges that arise, we facilitate the opportunity to maximise creativity from conflicts and find the optimal strategies for collaboration.


We create real-life learning experiences that prototype new ways of communicating.

Misunderstandings, miscommunication, different perspectives lead to ineffective processes. In SPLINT we believe that working on improving our abilities to communicate, listen and understand will ultimately produce better results all round.

Illustrations by  Maria Astrup

Illustrations by Maria Astrup


Since 2002 we have been working with participative methods that strengthen interpersonal communication and organisational culture. 

Organisations, when stripped of hierarchies and titles are essentially groups of people interacting, communicating and developing relationships that result in the creation of products and services.

The result in quality of these products and services depends on the nature of this interaction.

How thoroughly do you explore and harvest the potential from the relationships within the organisation you are a part of?



We offer services that embrace leadership development, service staging and process leadership to both public and private organisations. We facilitate seminars, conferences, panel debates and hold interactive presentations on organisational change and collaboration related to interpersonal communication. 


ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE is the ‘way we do things around here’ and the sum of all individual behaviours that are present in the organisation.

SERVICE STAGING is a method of physically prototyping services through designed scenarios. This enables fail fast tactics in an otherwise linear and longer trial by error design process.

SITUATION TRAINING is about dramatising challenging scenarios with actors / facilitators and inviting the audience to participate at various levels of intensity.


ROLE PLAY is one of the methods used to generate a feeling of empathy for a person or a position that is unfamiliar to the one ‘playing’ the role.

STORYTELLING is about forming an engaging and convincing narrative to explain an experience such as a service or using a product.

FORUM THEATRE encourages participants to not only suggest alternative actions, but to step into the arena and test out their own interventions.


IMPROVISATION is the ability to act in a manner that meets the essential demands of a situation, without the subject analyzing their intended actions prior to executing them.

EXPERIENCE DESIGN is an empathic process that aims to place the target audience inside a moment or moments, where they have the opportunity to feel and reflect upon something more deeply than they would otherwise.

HIDDEN INFLUENCERS are those found within organisations that have influence on the culture of the organisation beyond their hierarchical status.



HSE Role Model

Building a robust, sustainable and effective HSE (Healthy Safety Environment) culture is dependent upon the contribution of each individual that interacts and contributes to that HSE culture. In this sense all are crew, no-one is a passenger.

Watch how this works here.

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Excellent. This course is not just relevant for project managers. It is relevant for all as it is important to be aware of the way we communicate, body language and interpersonal traits of everyone, regardless of position.
— Workshop participant

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"Through valuable input, contribution in planning and as a steadfast partner in the implementation, SPLINT contributed in raising the bar. SPLINT have expertise where most organisations have holes. That is a good combination. "

Tor Egil Løvli - Senior Safety Representative - Johan Sverdrup Statoil


"We wanted a course for our project managers with a focus on understanding roles, collaboration in projects and customer contact, in addition covering contracts and legal aspects.The course was conducted as a combination of mini-lectures and situation case training. The cases were very relevant for us and very recognisable for the participants. The link between the theory of contract law and practical situation training was done in a very well. The workshop was never boring." Inger Kristine Tovslid - HR Director NGI