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Misunderstandingsmiscommunicationdifferent perspectives lead to ineffective processes. In SPLINT we believe that working on improving our abilities to communicate, listen and understand will ultimately produce better results all round. 


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"Having used SPLINT before it was a short way back when we were arranging an internal Statoil conference for senior management and HSE leaders. The theme was cooperation and dialogue. Through valuable input, contribution in planning and as a steadfast partner in the implementation, SPLINT contributed in raising the bar. SPLINT have expertise where most organisations have holes. That is a good combination."                                                        Tor Egil Løvli - HSE SAFE Leader - Statoil



"We wanted a course for our project managers with a focus on understanding roles, collaboration in projects and customer contact, in addition covering contracts and legal aspects.

When we learnt that SPLINT and lawyers GRETTE combine to deliver workshops together, they were a natural choice.

The course was conducted as a combination of mini-lectures and situation case training. The cases were very relevant for us and very recognisable for the participants. The link between the theory of contract law and practical situation training was done in a very well. The workshop was never boring.

The participants gave exceptionally positive feedback on this form of learning. The course provided the basis for reflection and greater awareness of the role of the project manager while they received training on challenging situations that may arise in customer relations and internal cooperation in projects.

We are extremely pleased with the whole process and will continue our collaboration with SPLINT and GRETTE."

Inger Kristine Tovslid - HR Director NGI

"Excellent. This course is not just relevant for project managers. It is relevant for all as it is important to be aware of the way we communicate, body language and interpersonal traits of everyone, regardless of position." Workshop participant
"Very interesting and informative. I am fortunate to have been invited to take part in this workshop. I have learnt new methods of involvement that I greatly appreciate."                              Workshop participant
"Through the professional acting, and with a solid grounding in aspects of the Norwegian working environment, Splint clarified equality and relational issues, which led to a high level of engagement."                                                                      NAV
"We experienced that the educational methods, with a high degree of involvement with the participants were very successful and provided for a lot of learning. The actors used good examples with relevant and recognisable situations. These formed a good basis for reflection and training.
The approach to the examples were done in a fun, lively and engaging manner within a comfortable environment. The facilitators were competent and talented, both as actors and professional coaches.
For Posten, it is important that such measures have the potential to promote a good working environment and to positively contribute to our business. The workshop contributed to both.
The feedback from participants has been very positive.
We are extremely happy."                                                                                 Posten