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3 Øvre Slottsgate
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Misunderstandingsmiscommunicationdifferent perspectives lead to ineffective processes. In SPLINT we believe that working on improving our abilities to communicate, listen and understand will ultimately produce better results all round. 


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We do what we do because we have an unfathomable passion for how we shape our reality through the nature of our conversations. Why, how and what we say are critical elements that form the experiences we create for ourselves and the type of relationships we have with one another.



Chris McCormick photo

Since 2008, Chris has worked as a researcher, workshop designer, actor and process leader in SPLINT. Previously his role was as a project manager in the construction and property industry, where he has 14 years of international experience. This combination has given Chris a unique insight into how interpersonal communication affects everyday life at work in different cultures, across roles and hierarchy.

He has expertise in leading constructive communication processes with a strong focus on team and project business goals.

With his understanding of experience design coupled with the use of situation training and forum theatre, Chris brings to the table a valuable perspective on creating successful collaborative cultures.

He is further trained in stress management (HeartMath coach), Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) and body-related psychotherapy and character structures.


MAIKEN LØNNERØD - CEO and Creative Director

Maiken has worked with the company since 2004. She is responsible for research and development of customised interactive workshops for both public and private organisations. Maiken has been involved with theatre since she was 8 years old and has for years been trained in drama teaching methods with special focus on forum theatre.

She is responsible for SPLINT school where actors and facilitators in SPLINT receive training.

Maiken graduated in human geography and has extensive experience in fieldwork and cultural analysis both as a graduate student and a field assistant. Maiken is passionate about leadership, innovation and diversity.

She has been developing workshops with special focus on leadership development from a perspective of diversity. As a training and process leader, her focus is on empowering individuals to manage their business better by providing insight, awareness and specific communication tools.

She speaks fluent Spanish and is further educated in body related psychotherapy and character structures.




From faking it until making it and other curious adventures, the SPLINT story is coming soon.